The Roweths bring cutting edge arrangements of Australian traditional music and poetry to the big stage. They work with new and old ballads, work songs, early country music, original music, poetry, yarns, and dance tunes, drawing explicit thematic connections between pieces to tell a larger story. These are the songs of the kitchen, verandah, shearers’ huts, the local, and the campfire in all their warmth, and ornery vitality. This is Australian entertainment with the hair still on it!


“With this new recording of songs, poems and prose about the shearing game, Chloe & Jason Roweth once again show their dedication to getting at the truth of material that has been extensively “folk processed”. And they have done it brilliantly, supported by the work of Mark Gregory, Rob Willis and the people working on the National Library’s Trove project.”
- Chris Maltby, Singabout, June 2015

l consider this album to be a tour de force, a magnificent and authentic contribution to the Australian bush music tradition, proving beyond a shadow of doubt that this is living, breathing, rip-roaring music of which we should all be proud, whether or not we live in cities (as I now do), or live in the country (as I once did). - Ian Dearden

“Jason and Chloe Roweth are without question two of our finest interpreters of Australian traditional folk music. Their new album “Too Many Songs About Bloody Shearers By Far!” Vol 1, is testament to their expertise as musicians; incorporating electric, country, rock, grunge, show and 'trad' sounds to explore Australia's shearing history. Far from predictable in approach, the duo incorporate song, dance tunes and spoken word to showcase lesser-known songs alongside popular favourites; ultimately displaying their deep knowledge and respect for the material.”
- Ruth Hazleton

“An overall lively, loving feel to the CD makes for one of the very best Australian folk albums I’ve listened to in many a decade.”
- Roger Montgomery

Dates for Your Diary


24-28TH MARCH 2016

National Folk Festival

Exhibition Park, Canberra ACT

22-25TH APRIL 2016

St Albans Folk Festival

St Albans, NSW

15TH JULY 2015

Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Folk Club

Hornsby, NSW

Chloë & Jason Roweth Band MORE...

nla.pic-an24171417 - Unidentified group of shearers on bicycles, ca. 1912-1955

Latest Releases

April 2015

October 2015

Corrugated Iron Music
and Campfire Sedition

This is the long shout, the struggle that never ends, the joke that just gets funnier, and the songs and yarns that are meant to be shared.


CD1 - Light Another Fire, 64 mins

CD2 - Boil Another Billy, 66 mins

Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win 
- we go on disobeying.
John Dengate

The mateship born of barren lands,
Of toil and thirst and danger -
The camp-fare for the stranger set,
the first place to the stranger.
Henry Lawson

“The spirit of Henry Lawson and John Dengate form the backbone of this album - no other two writers have given us sharper tools. In particular, we'd like to dedicate this album to our mate, the late John Dengate, whose words make up a third of the record. This recording is part of our ongoing effort to catch and carry forward what has been passed to us.” 

- C. & J. Roweth


“ the Stones with “Exile on Main Street’, Chloe and Jason have produced a masterpiece – a magnum opus of amazing proportions!” - Ian Dearden

Jason Roweth has won the ABPA Golden Damper Award for reciting at Tamworth Country Music Festival in the Traditional / Established Bush Poetry section.

Jason was particularly pleased to have won with a couple of his favourite poems from the Poet Lorikeet himself, Denis Kevans.  It was the thought provoking, “Ah, White Man, Have You Any Sacred Sites?” which proved too hard to beat in the final.


Live performance by Jason Roweth at Woodford Folk Festival 2015 of “Ah, White Man, Have You Any Sacred Sites?”, a poem by Denis Kevans.