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Chloë & Jason Roweth

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Ben Hall's Gang / The Pretty Jig

Live concert at Humph Hall, Sydney, Australia, 4th of July 2010.

Ben Hall's Gang is traditional, with the tune and selected verses taken from John Manifold's "Penguin Australian Song Book", and Banjo Paterson's "Old Bush Songs".

The Pretty Jig was collected from Charlie Kyle by Rob Willis.

Taken from the double DVD/CD Set: "Sing Us Another One".


Ti Tree Set

Live performance from Bill's Bar, Woodford Folk Festival 2015-16. String Band Dance Tunes: Ti-tree Set, Ali's Quickstep, Going To The Barn Dance. With thanks to dance musician Val McGinniss (1910-1988) and collector Jeff Corfield.

“Jason and Chloe Roweth are without question two of our finest interpreters of Australian traditional folk music."
- Ruth Hazleton

Accomplished stage presenters, Chloë & Jason Roweth (vocals, guitar, mandolin) have been researching and presenting the living tradition of Australian music for over twenty years. They gather and present the songs and poems of the kitchen, the verandah, the shearers’ huts, the local pub - and the yarns that go with them - in all their ornery detail. Drawing their inspiration from the warmth of old-style bush entertainment, the Roweths work with vibrant arrangements of new and old traditional Australian ballads and work songs, early country music, original music, poetry, yarns, and dance tunes weaving together and carrying forward many threads of the Australian tradition. They also specialise in themed presentations, forging unique combinations of music, folklore and social history.


The Roweths have enjoyed repeat bookings at music festivals around Australia. They have received recognition for both their music and poetry performance; their CD “A Voice That Was Still” was named the National Film and Sound Archive Folk Album of the Year at the National Folk Festival in 2010, and Jason was awarded the ABPA Golden Damper Traditional Reciter 2016, NFF Reciter of the Year in 2015, and NFF Yarnspinner of the Year in 2013.


Over their professional recording and performing career, Chloë & Jason Roweth have independently released over twenty-five CDs and two DVD packages since 1995. 

"Chloë and Jason interpret their material with a variety of musical styles and distinctive arrangements that enhance the music rather than getting in its way, always remaining true to the sources of the songs and their singers. With such a range of talents it’s no surprise that they have been a fixture at festivals, concerts and clubs around the country for many years and collected a few awards in the process. Along the way (including playing and recording with the band ‘Collector’) they have created a body of work that respects the tradition and keeps it alive with fresh interpretations and new creations in the same spirit."

- Graham Seal, ​Professor of Folklore, Curtin University

“Their music is refreshingly open, spacious like the rural countryside they sing about.“ - Rootsworld Web Site, USA

"Are there any two people who have enriched Australian traditional musical and poetic life more? I don’t think so; they are the best, and are pure gold in their integrity."
- Polly Garland


“Their talent and experience in the folk scene showed as they delivered a stunning performance - there is very little more to say about them that has not already been said in praise of their artistry…” - Greg Bull, Loaded Dog Folk Club


“ night’s entertainment ever at the bottom pub.” - Tablelands Post


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