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Saturday Streaming

Online Concert Series, 22 x 90 min Themed Concerts  

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Summer Singles

Online singles series (2020-21)

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The Isolation Tapes

Online singles series (2020)

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Battlers' Ballad - Live at Humph Hall

Live DVD Release (2012)

Chloe & Jason Roweth with Bill Browne

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Millthorpe House Concert

Live performance in a beautiful converted church in Millthorpe NSW, December 2017.

Saturday Streaming 3 Part Presentation

3 x 90 min Themed Concerts

The Soul of a Poet

Songs and Poems of Henry Lawson


We have found great inspiration in Henry Lawon's words, learning his poetry, and setting many lesser known poems to music. The poems that resonate with us tend to be those of a more complex and personal nature; verses that reveal Henry Lawson as a flawed genius, a creative artist, a revolutionary and a humanist.

Our work often includes evocative use of dance music from Lawson’s (and the Roweths') home country - central-west NSW as accompaniment to recitations of Lawson's poetry.

"Sing us another one!"

Live DVD Release (2010)

Youtube Playlist