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Working with the poetry of 

Henry Lawson 

Recordings and live performances


Featuring Liz Frencham on bass

The Soul of a Poet

Songs and Poems of Henry Lawson


The Roweths have found great inspiration in Henry Lawon's words, learning his poetry, and setting many lesser known poems to music. The poems that resonate with Chloe and Jason tend to be those of a more complex and personal nature; verses that reveal Henry Lawson as a flawed genius, a creative artist, a revolutionary and a humanist.

Their work often includes evocative use of dance music from Lawson’s (and the Roweths') home country - central-west NSW as accompaniment to recitations of Lawson's poetry.

"And when beautiful night hid the shocking black shame
of the day that was past, 
I felt the Great Universe rocking
with the truth that was coming at last."

- Henry Lawson, from The Soul Of A Poet (1905)

Freedom Fightin' Medley

Chloe and Jason Roweth Band, special presentation, 'The Soul of a Poet - Songs and Poems of Henry Lawson". Fairlight Folk, Sydney, Australia, May 2018. 


Medley includes:

Freedom on the Wallaby (Henry Lawson / Chris Kempster)

Jack Cornstalk (Henry Lawson, Tunes: Turondale / Waltzing Matilda)

Take it Fightin' (Henry Lawson / Chloe & Jason Roweth)


Jason Roweth - Vocals, guitar

Chloe Roweth - Vocals, banjo

Bill Browne - Kit Drums

Baz Cooper - Accordion, Hammond organ

Matt Nightingale - Double bass

The Day Before I Die / The Watch on the Kerb

Preview track from upcoming album "The Soul of a Poet"

'The Day Before I Die' (1907)  Words: Henry Lawson. 'The Watch on the Kerb' (1888) Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Chloe & Jason Roweth (2017).

Chloe Roweth: Voice, Tenor Banjo

Jason Roweth: Voice, Guitar
Liz Frencham: Bass

Music recorded live at Silver Hill, Cygnet, Tasmania - Jan 16, 2018. 

Video recorded at Silver Hill - Jan 19, 2018. 

Music and film recorded, mixed and edited by Michael Gissing.

Live Performances

House Concert, Millthorpe, NSW, 18th November 2017


Poem: Henry Lawson (1893).

Dance Tunes: The Mudgee Waltz, Teaching Clarance McFayden to Waltz


Will Yer Write It Down For Me?

Poem: Henry Lawson (1902)

The Soul Of A Poet

Poem: Henry Lawson (1905).

Music: Chloe & Jason Roweth (2017)

'The Good Old Concertina' 

Poem by Henry Lawson (1891)

Song tune based on 'Happy as a Big Sunflower' (Traditional, from Joe Yates of Sofala, NSW) and adapted by Chloe & Jason Roweth. Concertina tunes, in order: 'Happy as A Big Sunflower' (Traditional),'Another Fall of Rain' (Traditional), Schaeffer's Quadrille (Traditional, from Harry Schaeffer of Forbes, NSW).

'Faces In The Street' 

Poem by Henry Lawson (1888)

Accompanying tunes in order:

Col Charlton's Set Tune (Traditional), Jack Canny's Set Tune (Traditional), Watch on the Kerb (inst) (C & J Roweth), Young Ned of the Hill (Woods/Kavana)


"Chloë and Jason Roweth are clever and soulful musicians – everyone knows that. But it’s as storytellers that they shine brightest, and make their most profound contribution to Australia’s understanding of itself in art. Their latest Lawson show, exploring the life and times of our Henry, is a journey through this nation’s past and heart that will not only thrill confirmed lovers of the bard but bring him –

his words, his demons 

and his delight

– to new audiences.  

Jason’s recitation of ‘Faces In the Street’ and Chloë’s exquisite touch on the concertina were showstoppers for me – not to mention Chloë’s heaven-sent voice. Every element of their performance is delivered with spellbinding beauty and care. This is one of those rare shows that you want to go on forever – and when you leave, you realise it does anyway. Utterly unforgettable."

- Kim Kelly, Writer

"We'd play the tunes of bygone days to some good old bush chorus..."
- Henry Lawson, from The Good Old Concertina (1891)

As Good As New / Ti Tree Waltz
Poem: Henry Lawson (1905).

Music: Chloe & Jason Roweth.

Tit Tree Waltz (Traditional)

Live at Humph Hall (2010).

Since Then

Poem: Henry Lawson (1895).
Music: Slim Dusty.

Live with Bill Browne at Humph Hall (2012).

The Greenhand Rouseabout

Poem: Henry Lawson (1897).
Live at Toorale Woolshed (2015).

Springtime it Brings on the Shearing / The Shearers

Springtime it Brings on the Shearing (Trad) / The Shearers - Henry Lawson (1901).

Live performance by Chloe & Jason Roweth Band at National Folk Festival 2015.

On stage from left to right: John Harpley, Olya Willis, Rob Willis, Bill Browne, Chloe Roweth, Jason Roweth, Matt Nightingale, Baz Cooper.

Shearer's Song /
Home Sweet Home Mazurka

Live at Humph Hall (2010).

Words: Henry Lawson.
Music: Chloe & Jason Roweth.

Home Sweet Home Mazurka (Traditional)

Freedom on the Wallaby / John Dengate's Last Verse

Freedom on the Wallaby

Poem: Henry Lawson (1901). Music: Chris Kempster/Traditional
John Dengate's Last Verse 

Poem: John Dengate (2013)

Live performance by Chloe & Jason Roweth Band at National Folk Festival 2016. (Chloe Roweth, Jason Roweth, Bill Browne, Matt Nightingale, Baz Cooper.)

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