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A Man was Killed in the Mine Today v#1 - Words: Tom 'Crosscut' Wilson, Music: Bob Rummery

A Man Was Killed in the Mine Today v#2 - Words: Tom ‘Crosscut’ Wilson, Music: Bob Rummery

A Voice That Was Still - Words: Tom ‘Crosscut’ Wilson, Music: Bob Rummery

Ah, White Man, Have You Any Sacred Sites? - Words: Denis Kevans, Music: Traditional

All Gone - Words: Anon, Music: Bob Rummery

Andy’s Gone with Cattle - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Traditional

The Answer's Ireland - Words: John Dengate / Music: Traditional

ANZAC Cove - Words: Leon Gellert, Music: Bob Rummery

As Good as New - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Chloe & Jason Roweth

Australian Made / Song of the Sheet Metal Worker - Words: John Dengate, Music: Traditional


Baldy Thompson Part 1 - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: My Father was a Dutchman - Traditional

Baldy Thompson Part 2 - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: (Charlie Kyle’s Mazurka / Mick Pitkin’s Mazurka) - Traditional

Battler's Ballad - Words: Jack Wright, Music: Michael O'Rourke

Barbary Allen - Traditional

Bare-Legged Kate - Words: John Dengate, Music: Traditional

Bells and Bullocks - Words: Mary Gilmore, Music: Bob Rummery

Big Ben Pie - Words: John Dengate, Music: Traditional

Blind Willie McTell - Bob Dylan

Blue Murder - Alistair Hulett
Bold Jack Donohoe - Words: John Dengate, Music: Traditional 

Bonnie Moon - Traditional

The Broken Down Digger - Words: Charles MacAlister and Bill Scott, Music: Bob Rummery


Call of the North - Words: Jack Sorensen, Music: Bob Rummery

The Cape Barren Footy Song / The Euabalong Footy Song / The Black Cat Piddled in the White Cat’s Eye - Traditional 

Condamine Bells - Words: Jack Sorensen, Music: Chloe & Jason Roweth

The Cooper’s Song - Words: John Dengate, Music: Traditional

Megan - The Cross Eyed Bull - Blue the Shearer

The Curse of the Rhyming Verser - Bev Stewart



The Day Before I Die / The Watch on the Kerb - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Chloe & Jason Roweth

The Diamantina Drover - Hugh McDonald

Digger’s Quadrille / Binda Heel & Toe - Words: The Axeman, Music: Phil Gray - Traditional

Diggins-Oh / Joe Hilder’s Tune - Words: Anon, Music: Chloe & Jason Roweth, Traditional

Don't Be Too Polite Girls - Words: Glen Tomasetti, Music: Traditional

Down and Out - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Chloe & Jason Roweth

The Drunkard's Child - Traditional


Eurunderee Again - Poem: Louisa Lawson


Faces in the Street - Henry Lawson / Traditional 

The Fatal Wedding - Chad Morgan

The Female Rambling Sailor - Traditional

Freedom on the Wallaby / John Dengate's Last Verse - Words for song: Henry Lawson, Music: Chris Kempster

Freedom on the Wallaby - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Traditional / Chris Kempster


Give Us A Song (J.B.M.) / Mademoiselle from Armentieres (10:05) - Traditional

The Glenburgh Wool - Words: Jack Sorensen / Music: Alan Ferguson

Glenburgh Wool - Words: Jack Sorensen, Music: Alan Ferguson

The Good Life - Justin Townes Earle

Goodbye Sally - Riscoe / Borelli

Green Ban Fusiliers - Words: Denis Kevans, Music: Traditional

The Gulgong Song - Words: John Dengate / Music: Traditional


The Hat Ned Kelly Wore - Traditional

Henry Lawson and Cardinal Moran - Story: Ian McDougall

Herford's Our Platoon Commander - Words: John Dengate / Music: Traditional

His Epitaph - Words: Prospect Good, Music: Bob Rummery

Hic Jacet - Words: Tom ‘Crosscut’ Wilson, Music: Bob Rummery

Hilarity - Bill Case

Hungerford - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: (Cosgrove’s Schottische / Bob in the Wash House / High Low & Loopy / Cheer Boys Cheer)


I Don't Work for a Living -  Mullen / Leroy Freeman

I’ve Been a Wild Boy - Traditional

If I Were a Blackbird - Traditional


Jack Cornstalk - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: (Turondale / Waltzing Matilda)

Jack’s Last Resting Place - Traditional

Joanna - Jokes

Just as the Sun Went Down / The Moon’s Full Face - Traditional


Last of the Kellys - Smoky Dawson

Let the Franklin Flow - Shane Howard (Franklin River)

The Lost Sailor - Traditional

Lights on the Hill - Joy McKean

Little Fish - Traditional

Little Rosewood Casket - Goullaud / White

Long Tan - Don Walker


Maiden’s Prayer (48:57) - Traditional

The Man on the Flying Trapeze v#1 - Words: George Leybourn,  Music: Gaston Lyle

The Man on the Flying Trapeze v#2 - Lyle / Lee

Masters of War - Bob Dylan

The Melbourne Goes Through - Words: John Dengate / Music: Traditional

Megan Jean’s Mazurka - Bob Rummery

Merry Go Round Waltz / Cattle Lullaby  - Traditional

Moree Medley - We Shall Overcome, Stomping at Maroubra, Back of the Bus - Traditional, Little Patti, Traditional

Moreton Bay - Words: Francis McNamara / Music: Traditional

Moss Vale Train - Words: Alan Scott, Music: Traditional

Movin' On / Lanes of Wolloomooloo - 'Movin' On' Words: Paterson / 'Lanes of Woolloomooloo' Words: John Dengate - Music for Both: Chloe & Jason Roweth

Joanna - My Dog Called Mog - Joanna Roweth

My Name is Ben Hall - Traditional

My Old Black Billy - Words: Edward Harrington / Music: Edith Harrhy

My Son Ted - Traditional


Megan - No Political Songs - Words: John Dengate

Norman Brown - Words: Dorothy Hewett, Music: Traditional


Oberon Lament - Chloe & Jason Roweth

Old Dog Tray / Teddy Creighton’s - Words: Anon, Music: Stephen Forster, Traditional

Old Set / Johnny Go Milk The Bull / Mademoiselle She Bought A Cow - Traditional

The Old Fiddler / Only the Leaf / Ebb Wren’s Schottische - Traditional

Outback - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Chloe & Jason Roweth

The Outside Track - Words: Henry Lawson,  Music: Gerry Hallom


Parodies: Show me the Way / Mademoiselle / Daisy Daisy - Traditional

Past Carin’ - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Phyl Lobl

The Path - Poem: Lousia Lawson

The Peach Picker's Song - Words: Norm and John Dengate / Music: Traditional

Pig Catcher’s Love Song - Words: Jack Crossland / La Homage

The Pig Catcher’s Love Song / La Hommage - Words: Jack Crossland, Music: Traditional

Pig-Iron Bob's a Statesman - Words: John Dengate / Music: Traditional

Pioneers - Words: Prospect Good, Music: Bob Rummery

Poor Ned Kelly - Blinkhorn / Kevans


The Queensland Medley - Long Way to Cunamulla / Farewell to Joh - Words: John Dengate / Music: Traditional


The Rambling Bachelors - Traditional

Returned Soldier’s Lament - Words: Edgerly, Music: Chloe & Jason Roweth

The Roar of the Crowd / John Dengate's Last Verse - Words: Denis Kevans, John Dengate, Music: Traditional


Salvation Jane - Chloe & Jason Roweth

Schaefer Set:  Wangaratta Waltz / Schaefer Waltz / Schaefer Quadrille - Traditional

Second Class Wait Here V#1 - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Christina Mimmocchi

Second Class Wait Here V#2 - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Christina Mimmocchi

The Shearer’s Dream - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Traditional

The Shearer’s Jamboree - Martin & Tutin

The Shit Flung on the Floor - Words: Clarrie Regan & John Dengate, Music: Traditional

Sid Parish’s / Back on the Monaro - Bob Rummery

Since Then - Words: Henry Lawson, Tune: Slim Dusty

Megan - Sir Brian - A.A. Milne

Six Kids - Chloe & Jason Roweth

The Sleeper Cutter's Camp - Words: Dan Sheehan / Music: Denis Kevans

Song of Childhood - Words and Music: John Dengate

Song of The Old Bullock Driver - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Mike Jackson

Starry Night for a Ramble / Sweet Belle Mahone (Shearing, Shearing Shearing) / The Shearers - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Traditional

The Swaggies Have All Waltzed Matilda Away - Alistair Hulett

Megan - The Swagless Swaggie - Edward Harrington

Sweeney / Mudgee Schottische / Teaching Clarence McFadden to Waltz - Words: Henry Lawson / Music: Traditional

Sweeney - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: (Mudgee Schottische / Teaching Clarence McFadden to Waltz)


Take it Fightin’- Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Chloe & Jason Roweth

Take Me Down The Harbour - Gray & Bennett / Joe Slater

The Tent Poles are Rotting - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Traditional

The Terrorist Song - Words: John Dengate / Music: Traditional

This Tune is a Cross - Michael O'Rourke

Megan - This Bit is Mine - Les Barker

TI Woman - Michael O'Rourke

Ti Tree Waltz / Queer Fella's Schottische / Charlton Reel - Traditional

Megan - Timeless

Timeless Land - Phyl Lobl

To Arms! / Movin' On / The Lanes of Woolloomooloo - Words: Anon / Banjo Paterson / John Dengate, Music: Chloe & Jason Roweth

Train Trip to Guildford - Words: John Dengate / Music: Traditional

Trampish - Words: Tom ‘Crosscut’ Wilson, Music: Bob Rummery

Trooper Campbell - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Chloe & Jason Roweth

Tweed and Lismore - Ned McEllisot

Joanna - Twinkle Twinkle Little Cow - Words: Jason and Joanna Roweth / Music: Traditional

Two Dying Soldiers - Udall


Van Diemen’s Land - Traditional


The Wanderers v#1 - Words: James Hebblethwaite, Music: Chloe and Jason Roweth

The Wanderers v#2 - Words: James Hebblethwaite, Music: C & J Roweth

Well… The Tale of a Hole - Roger Montgomery

Joanna - What do you suppose? - A.A. Milne

When the Army Prays for Watty - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Chloe & Jason Roweth & Moonan Flat

When the Monkeys Rode the Greyhounds - Words: Denis Kevans, Music: Traditional

When the Rain Tumbles Down In July - Slim Dusty

When the Sheep are in the Fold v#1 - Helf

When the Sheep are in the Fold v#2 - Dennison / Helf

Where I Stand / Coda - Chloe & Jason Roweth

Where is My Wandering Boy - Lowry

Which Side Are You On? - Reece

Whisky in the Jar - Traditional

White Under Water - Chloe and Jason Roweth

Wild Colonial Boy - Traditional

The Wild Colonial Boy - Traditional

Wild Rover - Traditional

Woodbine Hill / Fair Fair Golden Hair - Billy Redmond / Traditional

Joanna - Wow Wow Wow v#1 - Lewis Carroll

Joanna - Wow Wow Wow v#2 - Lewis Carroll



You Can’t Change It (Arthur Baulch) / God Bless You & Bugger Me (14:30)

Williams Waltz (Words: John Dengate) / Mice (Rose Fyleman) / Binda Heel and Toe (44:20)

The Good Old Concertina - (Song Tune - Chloe & Jason Roweth, Dance Tunes: Happy as a Big Sunflower, Another Fall of Rain, Schaeffer’s Quadrille) (29:58)

Faces in the Street - (Col Charlton’s Set Tune / Kerb Tune / Jack Canny’s Reel / Young Ned) (43:58) - Words: Henry Lawson

The Green-hand Rouseabout (Round Plain / Shearer’s Dream / Dick’s Pig) (1:07:32) - Words: Henry Lawson

1. The Streets of Forbes (1:27) - Words:               , Music:

The original words are by Ben Hall's brother-in-law, John McGuire, as published in “The Truth”, Sunday April 30th, 1911. John Manifold collected the song from Mrs Ewell, late of Bathurst, in a Brisbane pub, and it appears in his “Penguin Australian Song Book” of 1964.  


2. The Ballad of Ben Hall’s Gang - Part I (6:32) - Words:               , Music:

Our version includes lines and verses from both, presented here as three separate songs. John Manifold's “Penguin Australian Song Book” gives two collected tunes, but we note that Ron Edwards third “Index of Australian Folk Songs” states that "the actual tune of this ballad has never been collected.” Our tune is the one related to the Irish "Black Horse" as we first heard it sung by Margaret Fagan on “Bushranging Days', a radio programme put together by Graham McDonald while associated with Sydney radio station 2MBS-FM in the 1980s.


3. An excerpt from 'The Wild Colonial Boys' by Frank Clune. Music - Chloe & Jason Roweth. (9:56)


4. The Morning of the Fray (12:00) - Words:               , Music:

In the rare and informative "Old Pioneering Days in the Sunny South" (1907), author Charles McAlister says, "In leaving Eugowra, we will submit a few rough lines attributed to Gardiner himself", but Stewart and Keesing (“Old Bush Songs” 1957) say "the attribution seems very doubtful." We rather like the idea.


5. The Bloody Field of Wheogo (18:45) - Words:               , Music:

First published in the “Sydney Morning Herald” newspaper, and reprinted in the “Burrangong Courier” newspaper, 30th August 1862, and attributed to “Snowy River” (R. B. Barton). We first heard Margaret Walters sing the song on the “Bushranging Days' radio show. Tune is derived from Bert Lloyd's setting of "The Devil and the Feathery Wife".


6. Abercrombie Mountain (26:19) - Words:               , Music: Traditional

“Abercrombie Mountain” is obviously a parody of "Whisky in the Jar". A couple of verses were collected by John Meredith (and maybe also Russell Ward - Stewart & Keesing credit him in their revised "Old Bush Songs”) in the early 1950s from septuagenarian Mrs. Mary Byrne, then of Concord, who recalled it sung at harvest time on the verandah of her home at Springside, near Orange, when she was young. It’s Mrs Byrne’s tune. Our more expansive lyrics come, one way or another, from collector Alex Hood, who apparently learnt the song in the Post Office Hotel in Forbes.


7. The Ballad of Ben Hall’s Gang - Part II (32:49) - Words:               , Music:

The story begun in Part I now talking about the Gang's raids on Canowindra.


8. The Swagless Swaggie - Words: Edward Harrington, Music: Traditional (35:40)


9. The Song for the Season - Words:           , Music: Traditional

Appeared in Bell's Life in 1863. (40:06) The song is a parody of Bonnie Dundee. Intriguingly, is is noted in the Bell's Life as "sung with great applause by Mr. John Gilbert on the Weddin Course".


10. The Ballad of Ben Hall’s Gang - Part III (46:45) - Words:               , Music:

The story begun in Part I and II takes on darker tones in “The Ballad of Ben Hall’s Gang - Part III”.


11. My Name is Ben Hall (51:13) - Words:               , Music:

John Manifold put a poem that was in the eighth edition of "Old Bush Songs" to an Irish tune he'd heard used for it in Queensland - the tune is “The Dear Irish Boy”.


12. The Death of Ben Hall (56:23)  - Words:               , Music:

From collector John Meredith's extensive recordings of Sally Sloane, and learnt, she said, from her mother. Mrs Sloane was born at Parkes in 1892. Ben Hall’s sister-in-law was the midwife at her birth.


13. John Gilbert, Bushranger (1:06:51) - Words: Anon, Music: Traditional

A parody of an 18th Century English ballad, the Diverting History of John Gilpin. Manifold says “clearly written by a Victorian". The author is unknown. The tune is “Four and Twenty Blackbirds”. The Lancers/Alberts dance tune, collected by John Meredith and Rob Willis, comes from Bert Jamieson, harmonica-player, born New Year's Day, 1903 at Adaminaby, NSW.


14. How Gilbert Died (1:12:09) - Words: A. B. “Banjo” Paterson, Music: Chloe and Jason Roweth


15. Frank Gardiner, He Is Caught At Last (1:18:43) - Words:               , Music:

The words and basic tune are as collected from Ina Popplewell by John Meredith and Nancy Keesing in 1954. Some adjustments by Mike Martin.

16. Those Bould Bushrangers (1:27:05) - Words:               , Music:

From “The Bulletin”, 17 August 1911, with a note from P. Jeff Wallace, crediting it to "Paddy The Poet" at a roadside pub in Doughboy Hollow, between Tamworth and Newcastle.