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A Day at the Races

A Man was Killed in the Mine Today v#1 - Words: Tom 'Crosscut' Wilson / Music: Bob Rummery

A Man Was Killed in the Mine Today v#2 - Words: Tom ‘Crosscut’ Wilson / Music: Bob Rummery

A Returned Soldiers’ Lament v#1 - Words: M. H. Edgerly / Music: C & J Roweth

A Returned Soldiers’ Lament v#2 - Words: M. H. Edgerley / Music: C & J Roweth 

A Returned Soldier’s Lament v#4 - Words: M. H. Edgerly /Music: C & J Roweth

A Voice That Was Still - Words: Tom ‘Crosscut’ Wilson / Music: Bob Rummery

Abdul – Words from ‘The Anzac Book’ / Music: C & J Roweth

Abercrombie Mountain -  Traditional

About a Shearer’s Cook (Anon) / The Greenhand Rouseabout - Words: Henry Lawson / Music: Traditional - Dance Tunes - Round Plain (C & J Roweth), Shearer’s Dream, Dick’s Pig

Ah, White Man, Have You any Sacred Sites? v#1 - Poem: Denis Kevans / Music: Traditional

Ah, White Man, Have You Any Sacred Sites? v#2 - Words: Denis Kevans, Music: Traditional

All Gone - Words: Anon. / Music: Bob Rummery

Andy’s Gone with Cattle - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Traditional

Another Alphabet – Poem by L.F.S.H. 8th L.H.R. Anzac, Dec. 1915

The Answer's Ireland - Words: John Dengate / Music: Traditional

ANZAC Cove v#1 - Words: Leon Gellert / Music: Bob Rummery

ANZAC Cove v#2 - Words: Leon Gellert / Music: Bob Rummery

The Army Song – Parody, Anon.

As Good as New v#1 - Words: Henry Lawson / Music: C & J Roweth

As Good as New v#2 - Words: Henry Lawson / Music: C & J Roweth

At Blackboy Hill – Parody, Anon.

Australian Made / Song of the Sheet Metal Worker - Words: John Dengate / Music: Traditional

Australians - Poem by Edith Campbell (1916)


Baldy Thompson Part 1 - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: My Father was a Dutchman - Traditional

Baldy Thompson Part 2 - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: (Charlie Kyle’s Mazurka / Mick Pitkin’s Mazurka) - Traditional

The Ballad of ’75 - Alistair Hulett

The Ballad of Ben Hall’s Gang - Part I -  Traditional

The Ballad of Ben Hall’s Gang - Part II -  Traditional

The Ballad of Ben Hall’s Gang - Part III -  Traditional

The Ballad of Les Darcy / The Rakes Polka - Clem Parkinson / Traditional

The Banks of the Murray Pt 1 - Traditional

The Banks of the Murray Pt 2 - Traditional

The Banks of the Murray Pt 3 - Traditional

The Bare Bellied Ewe - Words: C. C. Eynesbury / Music: Traditional

Battlers' Ballad - Words: Jack Wright / Music: Michael O'Rourke

Battlers' Ballad - Jack Wright

Barbary Allen - Traditional

Bare-Legged Kate - Words: John Dengate, Music: Traditional

Megan - Been There Before - Banjo Paterson

Bells and Bullocks - Words: Mary Gilmore, Music: Bob Rummery

Bertha (1902) - Words: Henry Lawson / Music: Chris Kempster (1949)

Big Ben Pie - Words: John Dengate, Music: Traditional

The Big Gun Shearer - Traditional

Bill, the Ventriloquial Rooster - Henry Lawson / Music: Traditional

Bill from Erskineville v#1 - John Dengate

Bill from Erskineville v#2 - John Dengate

Billy Hughes - Anon. 

Birdie Loves Us This We Know – Parody, Anon.

The Black Cat Piddled in the White Cat's Eye v#2 - Traditional

Blind Willie McTell - Bob Dylan

The Bloody Field of Wheogo - Words: “Snowy River” (R. B. Barton) / Music: Traditional 

Blue Murder - Alistair Hulett

Blue Murder/He Fades Away - Medley - Alistair Hulett

Bob in the Wash House / Jacko's Fling - Traditional

Bold Bushrangers - Paddy the Poet
Bold Jack Donohoe - Words: John Dengate / Music: Traditional 

Bonnie Moon - Traditional

Boozin’ - Anon. 

The Broken Down Digger - Words: Charles MacAlister and Bill Scott / Music: Bob Rummery


Call of the North - Words: Jack Sorensen / Music: Bob Rummery

The Cape Barren Footy Song / The Euabalong Footy Song / The Black Cat Piddled in the White Cat’s Eye v#1 - Traditional 

Cape Barren Football Song / Euabalong Football Song / The Black Cat Piddled in the White v#2 - Traditional

Captain Lalor - Words: Denis Kevans / Music: C &J Roweth

Captain Lalor - Words: Denis Kevans / Music: C & J Roweth

Captain Lalor / Returned Soldier’s Lament - Words: Denis Kevans / Words: M. H. Edgerly /
Music: C & J Roweth

Condamine Bells - Words: Jack Sorensen / Music: C & J Roweth

The Cooper’s Song - Words: John Dengate / Music: Traditional

Megan - The Cross Eyed Bull - Blue the Shearer

The Curse of the Rhyming Verser - Poem: Bev Stewart (Performed by Megan Roweth)

Megan - The Curse of the Rhyming Verser - Poem: Bev Stewart



The Dark-Eyed Gypsies - Traditional

The Day Before I Die / The Watch on the Kerb - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: C & J Roweth

The Death of Ben Hall -  Traditional

Derivative / Dick’s Pig / Lead the Knave - Eden McKenzie / Mick Slocum / Artie McGlynn

The Diamantina Drover - Hugh McDonald

Digger’s Quadrille / Binda Heel & Toe - Words: The Axeman / Music: Phil Gray - Traditional

Digger’s Song - Words: "The Poet" / Music: C & J Roweth,

Diggins-Oh / Joe Hilder’s Tune - Words: Anon. / Music: C & J Roweth, Traditional

Dinky Di – Parody, Anon.

The Dirt of the Mallee - John Caldwell

Do You Think That I Do Not Know? (1910) - Words: Henry Lawson / Music: Chris Kempster

Don't Be Too Polite Girls - Words: Glen Tomasetti / Music: Traditional

Down and Out - Words: Henry Lawson / Music: C & J Roweth

Down and Out (1912) - Words: Henry Lawson / Music: C & J Roweth

The Drover's Dream - Traditional

Drunk Tank Philosophy (1910) - From 'The Rising of the Court'

The Drunkard's Child - Traditional


Eighteen Pence / Holly Reel - Traditional

Eurunderee Again - Poem: Louisa Lawson

Evacuation of Gallipoli – Poem by Company Quarter Master Sergeant Alfred Leslie Guppy


Faces in the Street v#1 - Henry Lawson / Traditional 

Faces in the Street v#2 - Henry Lawson / Traditional 

Factory Lad - Colin Dryden

Farewell to the Gold - Paul Metsers

The Fatal Wedding - Chad Morgan

The Female Rambling Sailor - Traditional

Fighting the Kaiser - Parody of Waltzing Matilda 

For England (Excerpt) - Poem by Corporal James Drummond Burns, Gallipoli (1915)

For the Company Underground - Words: Francis McNamara / Music: C & J Roweth

Frank Gardiner, He Is Caught At Last -  Traditional

Frankie and Jonesy - Dougie Young

Freedom on the Wallaby / John Dengate's Last Verse - Words: Henry Lawson / John Dengate, Music: Traditional / Chris Kempster 

Freedom on the Wallaby - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: Traditional / Chris Kempster

Friday 14th May – Poem by Sergeant Cooper, Gallipoli (1915)


Gallipoli Engraving - Quote from Mustapha Kemal, “Ataturk” 

The Gallipoli Landing Medley – Various

Gentle Annie – Words: Lame Jack Cousens / Music: Stephen Foster

Georgie Sands - Traditional

The Ghost of Yick Yung - Dennis O’Keeffe

Give Us A Song – Poem by J.B.M.

Give Us A Song (J.B.M.) / Mademoiselle from Armentieres - Traditional

The Glass on the Bar - Words: Henry Lawson / Music: Traditional

The Glenburgh Wool v#1 - Words: Jack Sorensen / Music: Alan Ferguson

The Glenburgh Wool v#2 - Words: Jack Sorensen / Music: Alan Ferguson

The Good Life - Justin Townes Earle

Good Old Concertina - Words: Henry Lawson / Music: C& J Roweth. Dance Tunes: Happy as a Big Sunflower, Another Fall of Rain, Schaefer’s Quadrille 

Goodbye Sally - Riscoe / Borelli

Goorianawa - Traditional

Goorianawa - Traditional

The Great Australian Whinger - Traditional

The Greatest Kick of All - Words: Denis Kevans / Music: Traditional

Green Ban Fusiliers - Words: Denis Kevans / Music: Traditional

The Gulgong Song - Words: John Dengate / Music: Traditional

The Gulgong Song / The Jackarse Eat It On The Way / Bruce Smith’s Set Tune - Words: John Dengate / Music: Traditional


Hanging on the Old Barbed Wire - Anon. 

Harry Axford’s / Bill McCoy’s - Traditional

The Hat Ned Kelly Wore - Traditional

The Hat Ned Kelly Wore - Traditional

Henry Lawson and Cardinal Moran - Story: Ian McDougall

Herford's Our Platoon Commander - Words: John Dengate / Music: Traditional

Hey Rain! / Connaughtman’s Ramble – Bill Scott / Traditional

His Epitaph - Words: Prospect Good / Music: Bob Rummery

Hic Jacet v#1 - Words: Tom ‘Crosscut’ Wilson / Music: Bob Rummery

Hic Jacet v#2 - Words: Tom “Crosscut” Wilson / Music: Bob Rummery

Hilarity - Bill Case

Hilarity / Diggins-Oh / Joe Hilder’s Tune - Words: Anon / Music: Song tune: C& J Roweth - Dance Tunes: Traditional

How Gilbert Died - Words:  A. B. ‘Banjo’ Paterson / Music: C & J Roweth

How Gilbert Died - Words: A. B. “Banjo” Paterson / Song Tune: C & J Roweth / Dance Tune: Traditional 

Hungerford - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: (Cosgrove’s Schottische / Bob in the Wash House / High Low & Loopy / Cheer Boys Cheer)


I Don't Work for a Living -  Mullen / Leroy Freeman

I’ve Been a Wild Boy - Traditional

If I Were a Blackbird - Traditional


Jack Cornstalk - Words: Henry Lawson, Music: (Turondale / Waltzing Matilda)

Jack’s Last Resting Place - Traditional

Jessie Polka - Traditional

The Jester in the Trench - Poem by Leon Gellert

Jokes - Performed by Joanna Roweth

Jog Along ’til Shearing v#1 - Traditional

Jog-along 'til Shearing v#2 - Traditional

John Gilbert, Bushranger - Words: Anon. / Music: Traditional 

Just as the Sun Went Down / The Moon’s Full Face - Traditional


Kate Kelly - Traditional

The Kelly Gang - Traditional


Lad from Erin’s Isle / Around the Lighthouse - Traditional / C & J Roweth

Last of the Kellys - Smoky Dawson

Lawson’s first poetry submission -  Henry Lawson

Let the Franklin Flo(Franklin River) - Shane Howard

Let's Drink - C & J Roweth

The Lost Sailor - Traditional

Lights on the Hill - Joy McKean

Like Limerick - David Beniuk

Little Fish - Traditional

Little Rosewood Casket - Goullaud / White

Long Tan - Don Walker

Long Way To Riverina - Anon

Lovely Molly - Traditional

Lovely Nancy / Hut on Staffin Island - Traditional / Tune: Phil Cunningham


Mademoiselle from Armentieres - Anon. 

The Mad Shed Rep / My Father Was a Dutchman - Traditional

Maiden’s Prayer - Traditional

The Man on the Flying Trapeze v#1 - Words: George Leybourne,  Music: Gaston Lyle

The Man on the Flying Trapeze v#2  - Words: George Leybourne,  Music: Gaston Lyle

Masters of War - Bob Dylan

The Melbourne Goes Through - Words: John Dengate / Music: Traditional

Megan Jean’s Mazurka - Bob Rummery

Merry Go Round Waltz / Cattle Lullaby  - Traditional

Moree Medley - We Shall Overcome, Stomping at Maroubra, Back of the Bus - Traditional, Little Patti, Traditional

Moreton Bay - Words: Francis McNamara / Music: Traditional

The Morning of the Fray - Traditional

Moss Vale Train - Words: Alan Scott, Music: Traditional

Move Along Baldy - Tex Morton

Movin' On Pt 1 - Words: AB ‘Banjo’ Paterson / Music: C & J Roweth

Movin' On / Lanes of Woolloomooloo - Words: AB ' Banjo Paterson / John Dengate, Music: C & J Roweth

My Dog Called Mog - Original poem performed by Joanna Roweth

My Home in the Valley - Clivie Kelly

My Literary Friend - Words: Henry Lawson / Music: David De Hugard

My Name is Ben Hall - Traditional

My Name is Ben Hall - Traditional 

My Old Black Billy - Words: Edward Harrington / Music: Edith Harrhy

My Son Ted - Traditional