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Presenter Geoff Wood


Chloe and Jason Roweth Band In the Budawang, 50th National Folk Festival. Full 30 min concert, recorded Sunday 27th March 2016, Canberra, Australia.

Between The Lines

Articles on collected Australian music by Jason Roweth.


BTL No. 5

Featuring songs from Duke Tritton.

BTL No. 6

Featuring songs from Pat Nightingale and Neville Drysdale.

BTL No. 10

Featuring songs by Tom Stonham. 

Sleepers Song Book

PDF Document containing lyrics, chords and melodies for a selection of  songs from Carrie Milliner and the Bobbin family.

Take Me Down The Harbour 

(Words: Gray and Bennett / Music: Joe Slater) 

From the Silver Songster - 1908

Performed by Chloe and Jason Roweth, with Bill Browne and Baz Cooper.

From the 2015 double album by Chloe and Jason Roweth - 'Light Another Fire'.

Movie created by Ian Large. Images from the collections of The State Library of NSW, 2015.

ABC Landline Clip of "Click Go The Shears"

Thanks to Landline for putting together this beautiful clip, filmed at the stunning Errowanbang Woolshed. This recording of "Click Go The Shears" was used on Landline in February 2014. Mark Gregory came across this version of "The Bare Belled Ewe" in Trove, the NLA's archive of digitised publications. It appeared in the Bacchus Marsh Express in 1891, making it the earliest known publication of these verses.