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Jason Roweth



Finding your roots while looking for elsewhere.

A musician's journey home.











Jason has spent the last twenty years as a singer and musician, researching, performing and recording Australian traditional music with his wife and musical partner Chloe Roweth. He is a natural storyteller, with a warm and engaging stage presence, and an accomplished reciter. When building sets, music and poetry are treated as pieces of a larger puzzle, and explicitly connected to make every show a themed presentation on various aspects of Australian culture and social history. 

Jason moved around a lot while growing up - there were seventeen changes of school, some in Sydney, but most further out as his father worked as a station manger, wool classer and butcher. A bit of a rebel, eager to play music, Jason headed straight to Sydney after school where he began pushing the boundaries of rock'n'roll with original electric bands. Later, after moving back to the Central West of NSW, Jason and Chloe began playing regularly at folk festivals and clubs where they came into contact with some older players steeped in the Australian tradition. Traditional music resonated strongly with Jason - he recognised himself in the music, and the characters who played the songs and tunes. The duo began to explore the tradition in earnest and are now booked regularly by festivals for their ability to seamlessly combine old and new Australian music and poetry.

Jason is an autodidact - he teaches himself, reads widely and challenges himself to achieve. His writing is no exception. Jason's lifetime of experience with story-telling, building shows, getting inside music and engaging audiences is now brought to bear as he explores the roads he's traveled to weave these distinctly Australian stories.

More about the Jason's career as a musician and reciter here:

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