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Michael O'Rourke

I Lost the Best Feather in My Wing
Live in Melbourne 1975
"...he was a fascinating and enigmatic private character, with a magical ability to write a song and deliver it with immense integrity and deep passion." - Greg O'Leary

As long time fans of Michael O'Rourke (although we never did have the pleasure of meeting him in person), it has been a real joy to spend time in the company of his powerful and edgy songs while preparing for our Saturday Streaming Online concert, September 2021. The introductions and songs on this CD provide a rare insight into Michael O'Rourke as a humorous and powerful performer on stage.


This CD was recorded 'live' at The Commune on Brunswick St. 183 in North Fitzroy and during a Last Gasp Bluegrass Band concert at the Ethel Swinburne Hall in Hawthorne in 975, using a Revox A77 2-track recorder, and 2 Sony electret microphones. 

Recorded by Pieter Groeneveld.


1. Cocaine  3:44

2. Intro: My Trousers Are Falling To Pieces  2:28

3. My Trousers Are Falling To Pieces 2:29

4. The Frog's Courtship  5:42

5. Five Foot Flirt  4:28

6. Geronimo's Cadillac  4:57

7. Jesse James  5:04

8. Frank Gardiner's Gang  6:06

9. How Gilbert Died  8:04

10. Sing Us A Song Boys  5:40

11. City Of Gold  2:36

12. Me And Bobby McGee  6:11

13. Intro: Take Me Home Country Roads  1:38

14. Take Me Home Country Roads  3:05

15. Sweet Necessity  3:21

16. Intro: Hey Rain  2:07

17. Hey Rain  4:04

18. I Lost The Best Feather In My Wing  3:26

19. Intro: T.I. Woman  0:44

20. T.I. Woman  3:33

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