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"Abso-bloody-lutely fantastic album full of wit, good songs and banter. A must have for your Australiana collection." - Bruce Bubb


"Jason and Chloe's brilliant Roar of the Crowd was moving, funny, achingly sad in turns and at times all at once - not to mention both educative and entertaining. Top class stuff." - Cathy Rytmeister (regarding the live performance at the National Folk Festival, 2017)


"I think it's your best so far" - Bob Cady



Chloe & Jason Roweth


Sensitively joined by Bill Brown Kit drums, Matt Nightingale Bass and Roger Hargraves on Fiddle.


 This CD is a grand collection of traditional and more contemporary Australian folk songs to end all doubt that there are real Australian folk songs, if there is any doubter still needing proof.  The words are sung with every syllable resonating clearly while the music provides a sensitive and varied accompaniment. The double CD comes artistically presented with photos of a storm looming over dry paddocks. The front has a John Dengate pen and ink drawing of a rebel, probably the croppy boy himself, to which Chloe has added images, in ink wash, of rebels rising over the hills. The CD is dedicated to Denis Kevans, who wrote the ‘Roar of the Crowd’ while still a very young man; a foretaste of the strength of his poetry to follow. I know both Denis and John would have been thrilled and humbled by this production of words, music and sentiments on this CD.


The traditional ballads and stories of colonial Australia are beautifully set with passion and understanding of the narratives.


The CD starts with Chloe’s effortless singing of ‘ The Exile of Erin, on the plains of Emu’, the most moving, but difficult of early Australian songs. I recall practicing for months before singing this song in the 1970s and was fortunately accompanied by a talented harpist who managed the octave leaps and cadences when I hesitated.  However, Chloe never falters with this traditional setting of the words of Rev John McGarvie, first printed in 1829. The haunting imagery of Erin juxtaposed with chains of convicts imprisoned on the plains of Emu. Chloe evokes the emotions of longing and suffering while the accompaniment lends passion.


The roar of the crowd starts to grow with Jason’s delivery of John Dengate’s verse’ Australian Made’, spoken above the strict dance tune rhythm of Harry Asford’s schottische on mandolin. In our complex world of global economies there is controversy, but workers need opportunities for their trades and development of their skills. There is a change of tune and pace with the ‘Song of the Sheet-Metal Worker’ dedicated to John’s father Norm Dengate. Although this is sung differently from John’s unadorned singing, Chloe brings new vitality and strength to the words as she and Jason move to ‘The Roar of the Crowd’. Similarly with Duke Tritton’s ‘Sandy Hollow Line’ and Dorothy Hewittt’s ‘Weevils in the Flour’, the power and sentiment of the words is captured in the revitalizing of these songs with stirring music.  It is inspirational to listen to over 27 songs on these CDs and too many to discuss here, but they are the classics of Australian folk traditions, so you need the CD to listen. Then you can join me in congratulating all involved. 

By R. Dale Dengate


All Arrangements © C. & J Roweth, 2017. 

Recorded and mixed by C. & J Roweth with additional bass recording by Matt Nightingale.

 Cover design by Chloë Roweth. “Croppy Boy” front cover drawing by John Dengate.
Final artwork layout by White Tiger Graphics.

Mastered by Andy Busuttil and Greg Seiler at Blue Mountain Sound, Hazelbrook, NSW.  (02) 4758 6878 

Manufactured by MAD CDs

Thanks to:


Bill Browne, Matt Nightingale & Roger Hargraves

Sophia Kevans

Dale Dengate and the Dengate family

Roger Montgomery and John Angliss


Ian Large

Megan and Joanna Roweth

Brian Newton, Sue and Leon Roweth


Collectors and preservers of the Australian tradition: Rob and Olya Willis, Chris Woodlands, John Harpley, Alan Musgrove, David De Santi, Keith McKenry, Dave de Hugard, Jacko Kevans, Mike Martin, Chris Sullivan, Bob Bolton, Hugh Anderson, Danny Spooner, Warren Fahey, Graham Seal, the late John Meredith, The National Library of Australia and Trove.

$30.00 + Postage
inc. free download version

"Loving 'Roar of the Crowd'!  Stunning achievement Roweth Music. Aussie history, Aussie characters, Aussie ethics.  Beautiful lyrics and spoken word with gorgeous lilting vocals that carry listeners on thought-provoking journeys. Lively stimulating music ensures it cannot be experienced with a still body.  Feet tap, arms dance, faces smile and hearts will soar!"  

- Jeanie Kay

The Roar of the Crowd




Chloë Roweth (Vocals, mandolin, bouzouki, concertina, bodhran, percussion)

Jason Roweth (Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bouzouki, mandola, mandolin, occasional bass)

Bill Browne (Kit drums)

Matt Nightingale (Bass)

Roger Hargraves (Fiddle)


CD1 - 70 mins

CD2 - 70 mins

Delving through old and new traditional Australian song, story and poem, Chloe & Jason explore the clear duality in the nation’s modern history, unearthing a cycle of dispossession and dislocation. This is the other side of the fence, the wrong side of the street, south of the tracks - this is the Hidden Republic. We hear the voices of convicts and bushrangers, The First Australians, soldiers and activists for peace, workers rights and the elusive “fair go”. We hear from the earliest days of colonial Australia - Frank the Poet and the Great Anon, from the goldfields years and the Great Depression - Dorothy Hewett, Duke Tritton, and through to more recent work from the mighty pens of Alistair Hulett, John Dengate, Denis Kevans, Roger Montgomery. Pieces are tied together thematically, evocative dance tunes running under poems and expanding into songs, weaving together diverse threads of Australian tradition.


This recording is dedicated to Australia’s

‘Poet Lorikeet’, Denis Kevans (1939–2005).

Without Denis’ words, at times

this world would leave us speechless.



 "And I heard the roar at the Town Hall, when the delegate rose to speak,

A roar to shake the merciless, a roar to raise the weak,

To raise the weak and wandering, to give eyes to the blind,

That was the roar of a tidal wave...

that was making up it’s mind. "

- From ‘The Roar of the Crowd’ by Denis Kevans

Note: Numbering matches CD tracks. Medleys have been combined into single tracks  for download to avoid gaps between MP3 files occurring.

Volume 1


1. The Exile of Erin, on the Plains of Emu 

Printed in the Sydney Gazette 26th May 1829.

Words: Reverend John McGarvie

Music: Traditional


2. Australian Made

John Dengate

Traditional Dance Tune: Harry Axford’s Schottische

3. Song of the Sheet-Metal Worker 

Words: John Dengate

Tune:  Valley of Knockanure (Trad.)

4. The Roar of the Crowd 

Words: Denis Kevans

Music: C. & J. Roweth


5. Poor Ned Kelly 

Smilin’ Billy Blinkhorn


6. The Kelly Gang 


Includes fragment of The Jerilderie Letter written by Ned Kelly with Joe Byrne.


7. “Useless As...” 

Johnny Go Milk the Bull (Trad.)

Carrie Milliner’s Mademoiselle She Bought a Cow (Trad.)

Traditional Dance Tune: Ernie Wells’ The Old Set

Give Us A Song (Anon.)


8. Mademoiselle From Armienteres

The original song is of disputed origin, often parodied. Earliest published version of this particular parody appeared in 1929, credited to “Riverina”. Passed on to John Meredith by Frank Lett in Mudgee (1987), introduced to John Angliss and Roger Montgomery by Keith McKenry - which is where we heard it.


9. The Sandy Hollow Line

H. P. C. ‘Duke’ Tritton

Traditional Dance Tune: Joe Yates’ Sofala Cuckoo


10. Weevils in the Flour 

Words: Dorothy Hewett

Tune: Mike Leyden

11. Bullocky-Oh /  Bogan Billy

Song: Traditional

Poem: Will Carter

Traditional Dance Tunes: Charlie Kyle’s March,

Joe Yates’ Wallaby Rocks, Frank Collins’

The Bowral Jig.


12 Georgie Sands

Traditional from Jim Lowe


13. The Dirt of the Mallee

John Caldwell


14. Hey Banjo

Denis Kevans

Traditional Dance Tunes:  The Dawson Family’s Burke’s Dream, Bert Jamieson’s Alberts Tune, The Crooked Corner Band’s Under the Willow, Joe Yates’ The Wedding of Lachan McGraw.



Volume 2


1. The Ballad of Ben Hall’s Gang / The Swagless Swaggie



2. The Swagless Swaggie

Edward Harrington

Traditional Tunes: Charlie Kyle’s Pretty Jig, Charlie Kyle’s Schottische, Morrison’s Jig, Simon McDonald’s Shoemaker’s Fancy, Norm McConnell’s Set Tune, Charlie Kyle’s Polka.


3. The Wild Colonial Boys Medley

Excerpt from Frank Clune’s The Wild Colonial Boys

Music: C. & J. Roweth

4. Jim Jones at Botany Bay


5. For the Company Underground 

Words: Frank the Poet (Francis McNamara)

Music: C. & J. Roweth

6. Bury my Bones in the Hallowed Ground

John Dengate

Tune: Santy Anna (Trad.)

7. Ah, White Man, Have You Any

Sacred Sites?

Denis Kevans

Traditional Dance Tune: Frank Collins’ Reel


8. My Home in the Valley

Clivie Kelly


9. Well... The Tale of a Hole 

Roger Montgomery

Traditional Dance Tune: Bert Jamieson’s Lancers


10. Blue Murder 

Alistair Hulett


11. He Fades Away

Alistair Hulett


12. It’s a Long Way to Cunnamulla 

John Dengate

Tune: It’s a Long Way to Tipperary (Trad.)

13. Farewell to Sir Joh

John Dengate

Tune: Brisbane Ladies (Trad.)


14. Victor Podham and His Rusty Hut 

Dougie Young

Yarn: If you had what I’ve got (old as the hills)


15. Moreton Bay

Words: Frank the Poet (Francis McNamara)

Music: Traditional, as sung by Simon McDonald.

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