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Route 66

Popular music of the 1960s - first heard on a little record player, at Parramatta Pool...


A themed presentation with a difference! (BAND ONLY)

Take a popular song or two from each year of the 1960s - the greatest of revolutionary musical decades, and present them chronologically, and with some clear objectives - The song needs to be one that Bill Browne (the band’s drummer) bought in the 1960s... But it’s not all about Bill! Where were you when you first heard ... ?  What were you wearing? Remember the furniture? Was it the dance? The radio? The pool? The river? The car? These songs are not rarities or b-sides - these are the mountain peaks! The enormous influence and enduring popularity of the songs - not to mention the diversity and explosion in styles - allows the show to hit the mark, even for younger folks in the crowd, and the refreshing approach to music and words is designed to make the music feel brand new again. Aah, Nostalgia – it’s not what it used to be! 

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