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Chloë & Jason Roweth

"Feels like home to me."

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Saturday Streaming

Online concerts live to Facebook

every second Saturday at 7pm.

13th & 27th November & 11th December

Chloe and Jason Roweth, Songwriters 

Marking 30 years as a music making partnership

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Roweths on the Darling
Roweths on the Darling

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Roweth Band
Roweth Band

at Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival 2015

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Megan & Jason Roweth
Megan & Jason Roweth


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Roweths on the Darling
Roweths on the Darling

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“Jason and Chloe Roweth are without question two of our finest interpreters of Australian traditional folk music."

- Ruth Hazleton

"Thanks for taking the trouble to do all the research, rehearsal and production to offer people the gift of your music, it's very different and real to see such a professional yet warm and personal performance. What you do is making a difference."
- Kerith Power, 2021

  • Hours of live concerts and clips, fully ​indexed.
  • An extensive collection of songs, poems and stories from the Australian tradition.
  • Introductions included - hear the stories behind the songs.
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Online Release

Live home studio recordings 
Summer 2020-21

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