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Track List
  1. All A-Cheatin' / Gardener’s Reel

  2. Jim Jones at Botany Bay

  3. The Female Factory / Convict Maid

  4. Charlie Kyle’s March / Bullocky-Oh / Wallaby Rocks / Bowral Jig 

  5. Bold Jack Donahoe Lament

  6. Sixteen Thousand Miles From Home

  7. Battler's Ballad

  8. Billy Sheahan

  9. Goorianawa

  10. Since Then

  11. Sergeant Small

  12. The Mad Shed Rep / My Father Was A Dutchmen

  13. Sheepwashers’ Lament

  14. Cockies of Bungaree / Prince of Wales Schottische / The Old Set

  15. The Man Who Struck O'Hara

  16. Lovely Molly

  17. A Song for the Season / Charlie Bachelor's Varsovienna

  18. Three Fine Sons

  19. Call Up Me Horses / Old Fiddler Joe

  20. The Last of the Kellys 

  21. Victor Podham and His Rusty Hut

  22. Cape Barren Football Song / The Muttonbirders’ Jig / The Black Cat 

  23. Bourke's Dream / Gum Tree Canoe

  24. The Moss Vale Train

Battlers' Ballad LIVE at Humph Hall



Chloë Roweth (Vocals & Mandolin, Mandola)

Jason Roweth (Vocals, Guitar, Bouzouki, Mandola)

Bill Browne (Kit Drums - Snare, Cymbal and Tom)


This DVD was made over two nights in spring 2012. It was recorded live at Humph Hall, Allambie Heights, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chloë and Jason Roweth.

DVD Running Time: 100 mins


About Battlers' Ballad

True to the name, “Battlers’ Ballad” is a story of the battlers, workers, those who’ve struggled (and sometimes fought for) what they believe is their place in the world. It is a story of convicts, bush workers, bushrangers, rail and road - made from the songs of the kitchen, the verandah, the shearers’ huts, the front bar of the local, and around the campfire. And the band often catch these battlers on a Saturday night - on the spree! You’ll laugh, tap your toe, sing along (definitely sing along!) - even kick up your heels - more often than you will cry, though at times you might find a tear or two coming. And the story runs from early Saturday night, with the family gathered - to late, when the kids should definitely be in bed (though have probably snuck out to listen from the hall!).

Jim Jones at Botany Bay

Cape Barren Football Song /
The Muttonbirders’ Jig / The Black Cat 

More DVD tracks on our YouTube Channel.

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