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"Megan Roweth’s delivery of this collection of classic Australian poetry is brimming with wit and a depth of perception beyond her years. One of her own poems, ‘Home’, heralds the beginning of what will no doubt be a long and marvellous career in soulful, truthful words and ideas. And besides, the lively and honeyed tones of her voice make for beautiful listening."

-Kim Kelly

Track Details

1.    The Cross-Eyed Bull (Col Wilson)

2.    The Casual Room (Andrew Hull) 

3.    When Bertha Comes To Tea (Henry Lawson)

4.    Home (Megan Roweth)

5.    This Bit Is Mine (Les Barker)

6.    Been There Before (A.B. “Banjo” Paterson)

7.    Bad Sir Brian Botany (A.A. Milne)

8.    The Water Beetle (Hilaire Belloc)

9.    The Cockroach (David O’Connor)

10.    The Curse of The Rhyming Verser (Bev Stewart)

11.    We Are One People (Megan Roweth & Jessica Zwiers)


Running Time: 18 mins

Recorded, mixed and mastered by 

Chloë and Jason Roweth in Millthorpe, Summer 2017-2018.


I would like to thank the late David O’Connor, whose support and generosity helped me get a head start in poetry. 


Thanks to Hully for allowing me to use his poem as the theme, and title, for my album.


Special thanks to Chloë and Jason, my mum and dad, for their support when I was making this album. And to everyone who has supported me over the years - I could never have done this  without you.

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