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Songs of the Bush



Simply recorded with voices, mandolin and guitar, this CD combines traditional songs and tunes with contemporary Australian music. Inspired by their association with some great Australian performers and their respect for the tradition, Chloe and Jason wrote "Songs of the Bush" in recognition of just how fragile and precious the Australian folk tradition is. Around this time, Chloe and Jason were performing at folk festivals and pubs as 'Us Not Them' and also with larger line-ups 'Jindi' and 'Wongawilli'. 

Chloë Roweth (vocals, mandolin)

Jason Roweth ( vocals, guitar)

Recording and production by Paul Nunn, Stumphouse Productions, Bathurst.

"I never learned how to play concertina, happy enough with my foot keeping time, somewhere I guess I just took it for granted; the songs of the bush would still be there next time..." - From 'Songs of the Bush'. "In their brilliant, softly spoken, low key new CD this excessively talented young couple ... have done more to recreate emotionally the lost past of this bush-culture spawned country than I have heard achieved by many bigger and more revered names."

- Richard Mills re: 'Songs of the Bush and Beyond" Cornstalk Gazette

Track List

1. Salvation Jane (C & J Roweth)
2. Songs of the Bush (C & J Roweth) / The Drover / Treeparter (Trad)
3. Old Wild Woman (C & J Roweth)
4. Condamine Bells (Words: Jack Sorensen / Music: C & J Roweth)
5. If I Were a Blackbird / Annie Shaw's Tune (Trad)
6. Song of the Sheet Metal Worker (Words: John Dengate / Tune: Trad)
7. Shearer's Song (Words: Henry Lawson / Music C & J Roweth) /          
    Jumble Springs (C & J Roweth)
8. Back From Kiama (C & J Roweth)
9. Shearers' Jamboree (Joan Martin & Eric Tutin)
10. Packin' Me Things (Trad)
11. Derivative (Eden MacKenzie) / The Greel (C & J Roweth)
12. I Never Will Marry (Trad)
13. Streets of Forbes / Morrison's Jig (Trad)
14 The Uneven Song (C & J Roweth) / The Uneven Tune (Trad)

Saturday Streaming Online Concert Series (Now on YouTube)
The Roweths play their original songs and settings and share the history of their early career. 

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