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The Riderless Horse

An Australian Impression of the First World War

Over 30 songs and poems from the trenchesand the home front 1914-1918

Jason Roweth (Vocals, guitar, bass)

Chloë Roweth (Vocals, mandolin, bouzouki)


Recorded by Adam Jordan, mixed by Robbie Specognaand, and mastered by Paul Bryant
at Mainstreet Studios, Fairy Meadow NSW.


The riderless horse was led through the streets of Australian towns to the beat of a military drum...
“The Empire needs you! Who will fill the saddle?”


This unique combination of over 30 songs and poems from the time, arranged and performed by Chloe & Jason, provides a rare insight into a young nation’s experience of the First World War, both in the trenches and on the home front. After all, no-one knows better than those who were there.


“World War 1 was the most pivotal event in Australia's history. The shock waves passed through the generations; it changed Australia for ever. Jason and Chloë have delved deeply and successfully to find the songs and poems which distill for us the many [often contradictory] emotions felt by the writers and singers of that terrible time when 60 000 young Australians died…and many more were shattered in mind and body.” 

- John Dengate, Songwriter & Oral Historian


“And what words they are! It struck me that the words are a great range of emotions; they’re naive, they're proud, they're cynical, poignant, sentimental, lyrical, humorous, but above all I think those words are Australian words, and they're rendered to us by that beautifully clear harmonious singing and that precise, tuneful playing, and through that medium we can understand the way the people of our past felt during the first and the greatest trial that our nation has ever endured.” 

- Dr Peter Stanley, Principal Historian, Australian War Memorial


“... a wonderful selection of WW1 anecdote, song and verse that allows the listener to hear the authentic voice of the Australian soldiers from 1914-18 speaking clearly and confidently across the intervening years. It’s all there - the pathos, the drama, the horror and the humanity. And round it all and through it all shines the humour... Anyone with an interest in Australia and Australians and World War 1 will greatly benefit from this outstanding production. What a great slice of Australian history!”

- Bob Rummery, Folklore Collector & Musician

ABC Radio Show

The Rhythm Divine

Presenter Geoff Wood

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