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Tie Wire (and other Grand Plans) 

Live home studio recordings, Summer 2020-21

Australian songs and poems of lives gone wrong, rough hands dealt, and of holding close what's really precious  - traditional music for the current era.

These tracks are the lovingly remixed and mastered audio from the YouTube Summer Singles series, recorded and released Dec 20 - Feb 21.  To see the 'making of this album', have a look at the Youtube 'Summer Singles' Playlist below.



  1. Dark Eyed Gypsies (Traditional song collected from Val Turton of Binalong NSW)

  2. Bill from Erskineville (John Dengate)

  3. No Half Measures (Alistair Hulett)

  4. Down and Out (Henry Lawson / C & J Roweth)

  5. Bertha (Words: Henry Lawson / Music: Chris Kempster)

  6. Tablelands Mazurka Set (Traditional Mazurkas from Ben Cherry / Charlie Kyle / Mick Pitkin)

  7. The Shame of Going Back (Words: Henry Lawson / Music: Chris Kempster, Doug Jenner, Phil Roeterdink)

  8. The Lost City of Solferino (Ilona Harker)

  9. Kate Kelly (Traditional)

  10. Those Bould Bushrangers (Traditional / Paddy the Poet)

  11. When the Army Prays for Watty / Moonan Flat Set Tune (Words: Henry Lawson / Music: C & J Roweth / Traditional Dance Tune: Moonan Flat Set Tune)

  12. The Female Rambling Sailor (Traditional)

  13. The Ballad of ‘75 (Alistair Hulett)

  14. Tablelands Reel Set (Traditional Tunes: 'Blackberry Blossom' from Sally Sloane and Frank Collins' Am Reel)

  15. Behind Barbed Wire (Alistair Hulett)

  16. Time for a Laugh and a Song (Harry Robertson)

Running Time: 1 hr 6 mins

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