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The Songs of Carrie Milliner & the Bobbin Family (2000) 


Traditional ballads, early popular and country styles, music hall, parodies, poems and stories.


Chloe Roweth (Vocals, Mandolin)

Jason Roweth (Vocals, Guitar, Bass)

Alan Musgrove (Wayne) 

Jane Brownlee (Viola, Fiddle) 

David De Santi (Accordion)


The songs of Carrie Milliner were collected by Rob Willis, John Meredith, John Harpley and others on behalf of the National Library of Australia.


In 1998, Us Not Them (Chloe and Jason Roweth) began learning, performing and recording songs from the repertoire of remarkable traditional singer Carrie Milliner. Rob Willis and others have collected an extraordinary list of beautiful, and often rare, traditional Australian music from Carrie and her family, who were sleeper cutters from near Eden, on the far south coast of NSW.


"... Chloe with the sheer power and beauty of her voice made me sit up and listen, I had finally found a home for one of my favourite collected songs."  Rob Willis, regarding 'Bonnie Moon.'

Us Not Them

Chloe & Jason Roweth (c.2000)

Traditional singer Carrie Milliner (nee Bobbin) with Rob Willis, folklore and oral history collector for the National Library of Australia.

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The Songs of Carrie Milliner and the Bobbin Family

Includes recordings of Carrie Milliner and her family, and live performances by the Roweths.

The Bobbin Family

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