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Illawarra Folk Festival

Took me a while with this one, too - but once it came back to me… Well - I have a crystal-clear-cut memory of why this gig is a foggy foggy blur!

This is a closing concert at the Illawarra Folk Festival, Jamberoo. That’s Chloe Roweth, me - playing Pat Drummond’s guitar, David De Santi, Larrikin Bob McGuiness, and Jane Brownlee. I have some notion that Prime TV was there, for all the world to see. I don’t know what year, nor have any notion of what we’re playing. That foggy memory…. We’ve been thinking of Jacko Kevans lately, and how much he gave us It was the end of a wonderful festival - I remember that. And the session with Jack - back home, in our little Jamberoo flat - started somewhere pre-dawn the next day. One of the sessions of my life, with Jacko in rare, expansive form!

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